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Adobe InDesign is a desktop publishing software application produced by Adobe Systems.

It can be used to create works such as posters, flyers, brochures, magazines, newspapers, and books.

InDesign can also publish content suitable for tablet devices in conjunction with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite.

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Adobe InDesign CC 2015/2020 Introduction

Course Overview


This course is designed for new users of InDesign as well as self-taught users.


User is not required to have any prior experience of using Adobe InDesign CC 2015.


This is a  2 day Adobe InDesign CC 2015  Introduction course. The course starts at 09:30 and runs until 16:30. Alternate timings can be arranged upon request. The course can be held on a date that suits you.


Our Adobe InDesign CC 2015 Introduction course can be run at our training venue near Liverpool Street (London) or any preferred location in the UK or Europe.

Adobe InDesign CC 2015/2020 Introduction Course Outline


InDesign compared to QuarkXPress

Exploring the interface

Overview of tools

Overview of palettes

Navigating through documents

Zooming in and out

Print Preview and Print Working with text

Text frames

Importing text

Character formatting

Paragraph formatting

Indentation of text

Working with tabs

Find and replace and Spell-checker

Running text around an image

Creating threads


How master pages work

Creating master pages

Applying master pages

Setting page numbering

Using hierarchical master pages


Benefits of using styles

Creating character styles

Creating paragraph styles

Setting parent and child styles

Applying styles

Importing styles

Document and default styles


Graphic frames

Overview of graphic formats

Importing graphics

Resizing graphics

Cropping graphics

Using the Links palette

Using in-line graphics

Wrapping text around graphics

Using clipping paths


Creating a table of contents

Creating an index

Using the Book palette

Creating a book list

Synchronising styles and colours

Printing a book list

Exporting a book list as PDF

Page numbering across books

Creating libraries

Adding and using library elements

Searching libraries Special effects

Placing text on a path

Creating drop shadows

Working with transparency

Exporting transparency

Blend modes


Corner effects

Creating multicolour gradients

Converting text to paths Tables

Creating tables

Formatting tables

Imported tab delimited text

Importing Word tables

Importing Excel tables

Filling alternating rows or columns Page layout

Setting margins

Using a layout grid

Creating custom guides

Multi-columns layouts

Using frame-based columns

Using page-based columns


Automatically generating links

Generating bookmarks

Using the button tool

Button options Choosing events

Creating web links

Embedding Flash video

Exporting interactive PDFs


Typographic shortcuts

Using the Single-Line Composer

Using the Paragraph Composer

Highlighting composition problems

Creating hanging punctuation

Manual kerning

Using optical kerning

Inserting special characters

Creating drop caps

Hyphenation and justification

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The Course outlines on our website are standard, however, we would be happy to tailor them to your specific requirements. Please call us on 020 3696 2796 or send us a message to discuss further.

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