Soft Skills - Customer Care

Soft Skills - Customer Care Training

Soft Skills - Customer Care in Public Service

Course Overview

Being competent in the ‘technical’ I.T. skills of the job is no longer enough. If we do not have appropriate ‘soft’ skills – we lose or upset customers. Your staff will learn the key skills.


All employees who deal with customers.


This is a 2 days Customer Care in Public Service Course. The course starts at 09:30 and runs until 16:30. Alternate timings can be arranged upon request. The course can be held on a date that suits you.


Our Customer Care in Public Service  course can be run at our training venue near Liverpool Street  (London) or any preferred location in the UK or Europe.

Customer Care in Public Service Course Outline


Ensuring customers feel important and understood

Customer perceptions

Controlling the perception of the best service

Common pitfalls

Our role in completion

Internal and external customers

Exercise, Discussion


The role of questioning skills in handling difficult people and other

Professional situations

The structure of a good question

Question types and their use

Using questions to obtain information

Common errors

Exercise, role play, Discussion


Barriers to effective listening

The difference between ‘Active’ and ‘Passive’ listening

How to use ‘Active’ listening to demonstrate interests and obtain information

How to use ‘Active’ listening to steer a conversation

Why ‘Active’ listening is essential on the telephone

Exercise, role-play, Discussion


How Transactional Analysis can help in difficult situations

States of mind

How we interact with others

‘Rules’ to ensure productive outcome

Building relationships

Personal Profile Questionnaire, role-play, discussion


Difficult situations can be good news

Common errors

The method of handling difficult situations

Problem ownership and ‘follow-through.’

Role-Play, discussion

Telephone Control Skills

Differences between telephone and face-to-face communication

Overcoming the disadvantages of the telephone

Developing an effective personal style

The ’10 Commandments’ of effective Tele-control skills

Understanding the use of voice inflexion

How to use voice to gain and hold attention

Exercise, role-play, Discussion


Recognising different behaviour types

Predicting behaviour

How to modify behaviour

Understanding your own preferred behaviour style

How your behaviour style can influence the customer relationship

Personal Behaviour Profile Questionnaire

Role-Play, discussion

How to say ’No’

Disadvantages of ‘confrontation’

The alternative to ‘No’

Exercise, role-play, Discussion




Personal Action Plan

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One to One

(which includes a tailor-made training programme for the individual where they can mix and match the topics from various levels to get the most cost-effective training

Group for up to 8 learners
The Course outlines on our website are standard, however, we would be happy to tailor them to your specific requirements. Please call us on 020 3696 2796 or send us a message to discuss further.

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