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Being awarded Learning and Performance Institute accreditation is a great achievement for any organisation. LPI Accreditation epitomises trust, integrity and quality. Organisations that carry the logo have proven themselves to be leaders in the field of Learning & Development.   

Accredited organisations carrying the logo¬†have passed a rigorous independent accreditation process which examines every aspect of an organisation’s involvement in learning and related services.

Accredited organisations operate to the highest possible industry standard and have agreed to compliance with The Learning and Performance Institute Codes of Practice. You can download a copy of these documents using the link below:

Learning and Performance Institute Codes of Practice and Complaints Procedure

We are primarily focused on classroom training, but are in the process of gaining ‘Certified Online Learning Facilitator’ (COLF) status to allow us to provide courses via distance learning.

We employ trainers with accreditations including MS Expert, MS Certified Trainer and Microsoft Office Instructor who are qualified to train in all aspects of MS Office, Adobe, iWorks, Business Objects and others.

Tea, coffee, and light refreshments are provided. Our training centre has a cafe where lunch can be bought in addition to allowing easy access to other shops/restaurants in the town centre.

We always aim to be receptive; our trainers report back after every session and we are always happy to receive and if needed act upon, feedback from our clients. We provide feedback questionnaires to all of our clients.

Yes. Our programmes are all designed for closed company sessions so we can tailor our offering to the requirements of your particular organisation.

We charge £725 + VAT per day for up to 8 learners (Approx. £90/learner)

Our personal touch, the trust we build with our clients and our flexibly tailored programs. We will always be a friendly ear and your questions will always be answered by a subject specialist.


We have long term relationships with all of our regular trainers and regularly assess the state of their knowledge. All of our regular trainers have also taken the Microsoft exams.

We send through a Learning Needs Analysis (LNA) form for completion by you (you can also find this on the website), which allows us to tailor the course as needed. We’re also happy to meet face to face to discuss your needs.

Yes. Please see the Success Stories section on our homepage.


We provide training for a wide variety of clients including; the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), the University of Westminster, University College London, the Stationery Office, the Scottish Government, the Welsh Assembly and McDonalds.


Yes. Where needed, we are happy to arrange for a trainer to visit your location (UK & Ireland). Simply let us know that this is your preference when booking.


We charge £450 +VAT per day which includes a tailor-made training programme for the individual where they can mix and match the topics from various levels to get the most cost-effective training.


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