IT & Soft Skills Training

Tailored Training

We specialize in taking what might seem a ‘standard’ course and customizing the course content to suit our clients’ needs.


All the course content is supplied with learning goals as well as prerequisites for the training to ensure compatibility with the learner’s needs and well as current level of knowledge.


Most of our training sessions are 1-day duration with some specific software requiring 2-day sessions.

Choose From a Range of Courses

Our training courses cover a wide range of mainstream IT training courses, such as the suites of products from Adobe, Microsoft and Apple. The customisation is included in our prices, at no extra charge, and we’d love to discuss your particular custom requirements.

Not sure what course is right for you?

Please use our Learning Needs Analysis (LNA) to check your knowledge and experience in various application packages.

What’s next?

After you initially decide what course you would like to book for your team or yourself please firstly contact us by the phone or our contact form to arrange all the details

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Our services are bespoke and can be tailored to your company’s requirements upon request. Why not talk to us today?