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Adobe Illustrator is a vector-based drawing program developed and marketed by Adobe Systems.

It provides sophisticated tracing and text manipulation capabilities as well as color separations.

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Adobe Illustrator CC 2015/2020 Introduction

Course Overview


This course is designed for users who want to gain a sound understanding of Adobe Illustrator CC 2015.


User is not required to have any experience of using Adobe Illustrator CC 2015. Experience of using graphics packages an advantage.


This is a  2 day Adobe Illustrator CC 2015  Introduction course. The course starts at 09:30 and runs until 16:30. Alternate timings can be arranged upon request. The course can be held on a date that suits you.


Our Adobe Illustrator CC 2015 Introduction course can be run at our training venue near Liverpool Street (London) or any preferred location in the UK or Europe.

Adobe Illustrator CC 2015/2020 Introduction Course Outline


Illustrator’s approach to drawing

Setting stroke and fill attributes

Printing documents

Basic geometrical shapes

Drawing straight paths

Drawing curved paths

The freehand tool

The auto-trace tool

Selecting and arranging objects

Editing objects Text handling

Entering and editing text

Text labels and text boxes

Entering text along a path

Entering text within a path

Creating and editing text outlines


Creating your own patterns

measuring and constraining

Guide objects and crop marks

hiding and locking objects

The transformation tools

The use of compound paths

The use of masking objects

Mastering the pen tool

creating paths with the paintbrush tool

Using calligraphic mode

Using variable width mode

Radial symmetry and its uses

Creating blends and tiles

Effective use of layers

Creating custom views

The blend tool

working with layers

Overview of Illustrator filters Setting object attributes

Defining colours

Saving colours as swatches

Spot and process colours

Setting stroke attributes

Adding arrows

Setting fill attributes

Creating gradients

Applying gradients Manipulating


Making selections

Saving selections

Moving objects

Duplicating objects

Aligning objects

Changing the stacking order

Grouping and ungrouping

Locking and hiding


Creating a graph

The graph types

Importing data

Customising graph design


Masking techniques

Transparency effects

Blending modes

Using the blend tool

Creating a blend within text

Mastering compound paths

3-D simulation through shading

Isometric representation of objects

Understanding filter operations

Using pathfinder operations

creating text effects Page layout

Illustrator and page layout

Importing text

Linking text boxes

Mixing text and graphics

Text wrap Creating reusable resources

Using symbols

Defining symbols

Redefining symbols Output

Printing and output options

Preparing graphics for separation

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