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At a basic level, you can use Access to develop simple, personal database-management systems. Some people accululate everything from their wine collections to their home finances.

Companies use Access to develop Customer Databases, Asset Databases and many more. Access makes it easier to not only store information but also to create user forms to suit the user run queries on the stored data and run reports.

Good database design will make a difference for the end user and the amount of effort required in finding the necessary information.

With the help of our excellent trainers, you can learn how to design database that will suit your requirements. From small, one table database design to big databases with multiple tables linked together and automated actions created in Visual Basics, we will be happy to assist with all aspects of database creation.

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Microsoft Access 2013 Intermediate

Course Overview


This course is designed for existing Microsoft Access users with sound basic database skills. The course will focus more on advanced features of Tables, Queries, Forms and Reports.


You must have sound Access skills and understand key concepts of a database, equivalent to our Access Introduction course contents.


This is a 1 day MS Access Intermediate course. The course starts at 09:30 and runs until 16:30Alternate timings can be arranged upon request. The course can be held on a date that suits you.


Our Microsoft Access Intermediate course be run at our training venue near Liverpool Street (London) or any preferred location in the UK or Europe.

Access 2013 Intermediate Course Outline


Input mask

Applying validation

Validation text

Calculating a field

Multiple primary keys

Lookup fields

Formatting a field

Link to external data source Recap and More on Relationships

Why create relationships between tables?

Different types of relationships

Adding tables to the relationship window

Creating, editing and deleting relationships

Conditions for setting up a relationship

Understanding Referential Integrity

Using the Cascade Update option

Using the Cascade Delete option

Saving relationships


Creating Calculated fields

Creating Parameter Queries

Creating Summary Queries

Creating a Crosstab Query

Editing a Crosstab Query

Use the Top Values option in a Query

Create and use a Make Table Query

Create and use an Append Query

Create and use a Delete Query

Create and use an Update Query


Main Form and sub forms

Exploring Layout View

Split forms

Using Checkboxes & toggle buttons

Using combo boxes

Adding Option group controls

Adding Command button Controls

Setting more form properties

Calculation in a Form

Concatenating Text Values

Changing the data source options

Setting the Tab Order

Adding and Removing Filters (Selection and Forms)

Defining Validation Rules

Using advanced controls

Template Forms


Customise your Report

Format the controls

Using Expressions

Adding Sub Reports

Parameter reports

Report Templates

The Keep Together property

Mailing Labels

Grouping interval properties

Group Headers/footers calculations

Page setup

Page breaks


Importing from Access and Excel

Linking to an external Access Database Table

Linking to an Excel Workbook

Renaming and Copying Tables

Linked table manager

Export to various formats


Create a PivotChart / PivotTable

Edit Pivot Table options

Formatting a chart

Changing the chart type

Parameter chart

Chart based on single record

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One to One

(which includes a tailor-made training programme for the individual where they can mix and match the topics from various levels to get the most cost-effective training

Group for up to 8 learners
The Course outlines on our website are standard, however, we would be happy to tailor them to your specific requirements. Please call us on 020 3696 2796 or send us a message to discuss further.

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