Soft Skills - For Managers

Soft Skills - For Managers Training

These courses are beneficial to all the newly appointed or existing managers who want to benefit from learning how to manage people, Leading a team, Mentoring and Coaching and many other skills.

Soft Skills - Leadership Skills

Course Overview

The aim of the course is for delegates to understand the role of a leader, including the range of leadership styles, which can be employed, depending on the situation or the staff member. It also aims to cover practical skills in performance managing staff. Various skill models are covered, all of them practical and relevant to the workplace. Delegates are given ample opportunities to practice the models in the ‘safe’ training environment and receive constructive feedback from colleagues and trainer. Variety of training methods are used on the course, including group discussion, self-diagnostic questionnaire, syndicate work, demonstrations and ‘skill practice.


This course will particularly benefit all members, especially those new to the role.


This is a 1 day Leadership Skills course. The course starts at 09:30 and runs until 16:30. Alternate timings can be arranged upon request. The course can be held on a date that suits you.


Our Leadership Skills course can be run at our training venue near Liverpool Street  (London) or any preferred location in the UK or Europe.

Leadership Skills Course Outline

Delegate’s expectations and programme objectives

Completion at start (and finish) of the Knowledge/ Skill checklist

Fun icebreaker demonstrating the different aspects of managing everyday performance

An introduction to Adair’s action-centred leadership model, involving Achieving the task, Building the team and developing the individual

Delegates work in syndicate groups to identify the activities of a leader. The feedback is then distilled into the ‘3 circle model’. Discussion around the consequences of operating outside of the middle of the overlapping circles

Completion of a self-diagnostic questionnaire based on action-centred leadership, to establish the delegate’s current leadership style

Discussion on SMART performance/conduct objective setting, including the application of qualitative and quantitative standards

Skill practice in getting SMART performance objectives, with feedback from colleagues and trainer

Discussion on the 2 types of feedback and when and where they may be used

Introduction to skill practice in the EEC method of giving feedback

Car wars exercise to introduce the differences between assertiveness, aggression and passivity

Discussion of the use of assertiveness to help staff ‘give of their best’ not ‘give what they can get away with’

Introduction to written skill practice in the three steps to assertive behaviour

Discussion on the purpose of the performance counselling interview in ‘nipping performance/conduct issues in the bud’, thus avoiding disciplinary situation

Syndicate exercise in the preparation and delivery of an effective performance counselling interview, followed by skill practice, including feedback from colleagues and trainer

Review of programme and formulating action plans

Frequent reviews and learning recaps are undertaken throughout the programme

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One to One

(which includes a tailor-made training programme for the individual where they can mix and match the topics from various levels to get the most cost-effective training

Group for up to 8 learners
The Course outlines on our website are standard, however, we would be happy to tailor them to your specific requirements. Please call us on 020 3696 2796 or send us a message to discuss further.

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